ESL Teacher China Jobs 2022

Are you interested in becoming an English teacher in China in 2022? Are you wondering whether you'll need a TEFL certification to teach in China? Or maybe you're simply interested in learning how to get a solid ESL job.

Finding useful information on teaching English in China was quite difficult for me before to beginning my career as an English teacher. Not only did I not want to work with a recruiter, but I also wasn't sure whether or not the position I had been given was a suitable fit for me.

Is it true that the teaching hours were set in stone?

Was the remuneration satisfactory?

Whether it was going to be a dream come true or a nightmare, no one knew.

Plan ahead of time – Requirements for Teaching English in China

According to official laws, foreign instructors who want to teach English in China must meet a few fundamental conditions before they may begin their work there.

2-year teaching experience required. Bachelor's degree or equivalent TEFL or TESOL certification required.

Because of the high demand for foreign instructors, schools throughout China will be increasingly likely to relax their minimal certification requirements in the long run.

If you are wanting to teach in a less-traveled region of China, such as Urumqi or Harbin, schools are more inclined to waive the requirement that you have a TEFL certificate or previous teaching experience in order to hire you.

In places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, employment rivalry is quite fierce, therefore having a TEFL certificate and teaching experience will boost your chances of securing a position in one of these locations.

Why Should You Obtain a TEFL Certificate?

Should you consider pursuing a TEFL certification, which would need both time and money?

Other than making it easier for you to be recruited in the place of your choice in China, earning your teaching certificate will benefit you in a variety of ways, including:

The Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) sets the framework for understanding how to effectively teach English as a second language. My first ESL job was challenging since I had no clue how to teach English, which made my first year on the job more difficult than if I had arrived equipped with a TEFL certification, which I later realized was a mistake.

TEFL allows you to access better-paying employment. TEFL instructors have greater experience and tend to stay in the same position for a longer period of time, thus schools are ready to give them more money. In most cases, salaries paid to TEFL certified instructors are between 10 and 30 percent greater than those offered to non-certified teachers. It is possible to make back your investment in a TEFL certificate within the first few months of teaching.

Taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Improves Your Appearance in China: In China, there is a mechanism known as the foreigner grading system that helps them choose who gets to renew their visa and who doesn't. Having additional credentials helps you score higher on this system, giving you a better opportunity to get selected for the position.

If you wish to pursue a profession in teaching English as a foreign language, earning a high-quality TEFL certification will prove to be a wise investment as you promote and train your own teams of ESL instructors.

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