How do I find the best jobs in China?

So, what would you say is the very best job for an American to have in China? Because this is a subjective question, the only person who can accurately assess your skill sets is you.

However, jobs in teaching, engineering, marketing, technology, and software are thriving in China, which makes the country a very attractive option for Americans who are considering relocating there.

When you are trying to figure out how to get a job as a foreigner in China, one of the most significant barriers you are likely to encounter is the language barrier. Many companies require their candidates to know at least the basics of Chinese and many job sites and classified ads are also only available in the local language.

Due to the fact that the market frequently prioritizes the recruitment of local talent, the requirements for foreign workers who wish to find employment in China are stringent. Applicants are required to demonstrate their level of expertise through the presentation of a variety of accomplishments, degrees, and experiences.

Do I absolutely have to be able to communicate in Chinese?

It is recommended that you learn some Mandarin before traveling to China, but it is not required for the jobs that have been listed above.

Tax implications for Americans traveling or living in China

Working in China does not automatically exempt you from paying taxes there. Sorry!

China has one of the most intricate tax systems in the world, therefore it’s important getting to know how US expat tax in China works.

Utilizing the World Wide Web in China

If you haven't already heard, the internet in China operates in a slightly different way.

When you live and work in China, and use Wi-Fi, you’ll need a VPN on your phone and laptop to be able to access all your favorite Western sites and applications.

This encompasses all of the major ones, such as Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, and Facebook; even The New York Times is included.

The Bare Minimum and the Typical Annual Wage

The annual growth rate of China's median salary has been consistently above average. However, your salary expectations should differ according to the job sector you are interested in as well as the region where you intend to work.

The minimum wage here also depends on the location you are living in since the government sets it according to the living circumstances in the area. So, whereas a worker in Hunan could be earning approximately 1,000 CNY per month, a worker in Shanghai is entitled to a pay that goes above 2,000 CNY. The general rule is that the minimum wage will be higher in larger cities. Nevertheless, the pattern as a whole demonstrates that living wages are also experiencing a consistent increase.

If you are wondering what a “good” wage in China is, once again, you would have to check where exactly are you moving before assessing the situation. In Shanghai, where average salaries are one of the highest ones in the country, 12,000 CNY per month should allow a single expat to lead a comfortable life. However, bear in mind that the prices of living in the city are equally expensive compared to the rest of the nation.

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