How do I get an internship in China?

An internship (or two!) before graduation is one of the most crucial steps a university student may do in order to further their career. Even if you are studying in China on a student visa, is it still feasible to get a high-quality internship? Yes! While enrolled as a full-time student at a Chinese institution, it is totally viable to participate in an internship program. Don't be intimidated by the application procedure for internships!

As a student, you may get valuable experience.

If you are a full-time student at a Chinese institution, you will most likely be in China on a student X visa, which allows you to study in China. This visa is for anybody who intends to stay in China for more than six months for the purpose of studying, pursuing higher education, or doing an internship. It is permissible to participate in internships while on this visa, provided that you satisfy the requirements listed below.

The different sorts of visas are as follows:

For a period of no more than six months, an F-visa is granted to an invited foreign person visiting China for a visit, research, lecture, business, exchanges in the sectors of science, technology, or culture, or for advanced study at a university or college.

M Visas are issued to those who are traveling to China for the purpose of doing business or commerce.

L-visas (Tourist) are intended only for tourist purposes and should not be utilized for internships in any capacity.

A student visa (X-visa), particularly one that is valid for a lengthy period of time, is the most suited visa for internships.

S-visas are required for internships in specified high-tech zones in the United States.

It is permissible to get paid as an intern in China if you satisfy the requirements listed below: In order to get a full compensation, the employer must pay all applicable taxes, and you must be in possession of an internship visa (more on this visa below). In order to explore this option, you will need to consult with a respected visa agency as well as your company's representatives. Many firms will additionally provide you with a stipend to cover the expenses of your meals and transportation. In contrast to a wage, this stipend is on average 50-100 RMB each day and does not constitute a substantial source of income. The ultimate amount you will be paid as an intern will be determined by the employer, as well as your own agreements. However, there are other advantages to interning that should be considered in addition to earning money.

Students in China will be able to work part-time starting in January 2022, according to government regulations (aka work-study). You may find more information about the policy here.

If you are seeking for a full-time work in China, please see our information here: Full-Time Jobs in China. How to Find a Job in China: Foreigners Are Employed by Various Companies

Disclaimer: This visa information is current as of January 2022, but the situation may change during Covid-19. Please check back often. Please ensure that you have the most up-to-date visa information from the Chinese consulate or embassy, such as this one, as well as your employer and trustworthy visa agencies.

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