How to stay connected with family and friends while teaching in China

Numerous famous social media programs that are popular in Western countries, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, are prohibited or limited in China. Facebook, for example, is blocked in China. When it comes to utilizing a VPN (Virtual Private Network), if you are unable to get one in China, you will be unable to do so. In such case, how do you remain in touch with your family and friends while working in China and without having access to them?

You do, however, have a number of other options available to consider.


Keeping in touch with relatives and friends through email may seem a bit "cold" (i.e., too commercial), but in reality, it is one of the most important ways to engage with people all over the world for absolutely nothing.

If you don't already have a Yahoo or an Outlook account, you may create one by visiting the websites listed below (Gmail is blocked).


When it comes to being the most practical and easy mode of communication in the twenty-first century, sending text messages has essentially replaced making phone calls. Keep in touch with your loving family and close friends by sending them a link to an especially interesting blog or an emoji to express your mood and sense of humor. WeChat (a very popular social app in China) offers the same contact functionality as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, as well as the ability to send them photos and videos. In order to make engagement with you more efficient, you may want to convince your family and friends to download the app, which is accessible for free across the globe.

There are options for video chats and phone conversations.

When you are traveling and you are feeling lonely or homesick, hearing familiar voices and seeing familiar faces that you have known for a long time may be really soothing. You may check on your parents at breakfast (which is the time in your hometown) to see if they are still eating bread and milk, or you can phone a close friend after work to see whether he is walking through the neighboring park with Sally (an Akita Dog) on his back.

If you already know how to "cross the international border," using Skype is a great alternative to using a phone (use a virtual private network, or VPN). Aside from that, WeChat has video chat services, and you can even connect with a group of friends at the same time if you utilize the platform's group video chat option.

Postcards and letters to the editor are also acceptable.

This seems to be a bit out of date, and it is not the most effective manner of transmitting important messages. This approach of conveying your opinions and honesty, on the other hand, is quite effective. As soon as you arrive, write a thank-you letter to your parents and postcards to friends to convey your appreciation for their support. Almost without exception, you will get a return postal parcel, as well as some unexpected perks!

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