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    Teaching Experience in Shenzhen China

    Shenzhen is a terrific city for expats, and you can make it as comfortable or genuine as you wish. Shenzhen is a tier 1 city, thus incoming instructors may easily get Western cuisine and king-size bedding. Networking opportunities, sports groups, and general interest gatherings abound.

    The closeness to Hong Kong provides for an easy weekend vacation and (usually) inexpensive flights across Asia. You can't discuss China without mentioning the air. Shenzhen boasts some of the finest air in the nation, and its position adjacent to the seaside provides adequate wind to blow nasty items out of the city.

    City of Shenzhen

    Shenzhen, located on the harbor between Hong Kong and China, was a hamlet 30 years ago. Now it's a megacity that rivals Beijing and Shanghai in facilities and expat quality of life. Shenzhen became a Special Economic Zone in 1980, therefore government regulation and lifestyle are laxer. Both Hong Kong and Guangzhou (another tier-1 city) are an hour away.


    Many instructors don't have much control in where they work and reside, but you may readily seek for schools in these 4 key locations.


    Shekou is popular with families and executives on expat packages. It may be the least Chinese location I've ever gone in China, but it's still handy. Shekou located in the south of Shenzhen and can be reached by metro in 30+ minutes. If you rent an apartment, anticipate rising rates.


    No culture Most of Shenzhen's cultural and tech groups are in Nanshan, a large district in the city's northwest. Baishizhou, OCT, and Hi-Tech Park are great urban villages, art districts, and startup settings. Nanshan is rougher than Shekou, but rent is less and it's simpler to move about.


    Futian, Shenzhen's financial hub, has a layout and skyline like any big metropolis. It's also the location with the greatest development, with new structures appearing every week. In exchange for a prominent position and access to excellent restaurants, bars, and stores, rent is rising. Futian has the highest pay in Shenzen owing to its high cost of living and affluence.


    These three aren't technically the suburbs, but anybody teaching in Shenzhen will be outside the city (albeit still linked by metro). Expect your money to stretch farther and to get a large apartment for yourself. Western cuisine and facilities are farther away. If you're just starting your job hunt in China, recruiters often emphasize positions in rural regions since they're tougher to market. These regions may be for you if you want a typical teaching experience and work atmosphere.

    Shenzhen's population of over 20 million means teaching opportunities are plentiful. As a tier 1 city, Shenzhen offers high salary and privileges including housing. Teachers will encounter other foreigners outside the classroom due to the city's attraction. Most expats live in Shekou, although the Futian (finance) neighborhood is gaining popularity.


    Most of Shenzhen's popular didn't dwell there 30 years, making culture tough to locate. You'll be hard-pressed to locate a cultural thread that links the city's citizens.


    Shenzhen instructors may enjoy Western and Chinese nightlife. There's something for everyone, from Chinese clubs to upscale ones.


    Shenzhen (and Guangdong) are hot, so don't anticipate 4 seasons. Instead, wear a short-sleeve shirt to Christmas dinner and expect 90% humidity in the summer.


    You won't live cheaply as a teacher in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is one of China's most costly cities, therefore you may need to earn as much as back home. It's possible to save money here, but it requires discipline not to eat, drink, and live like a Westerner. Some numbers to illustrate:

    1000-1500 RMB/month for an apartment room

    2500-5000 RMB/month for a 2-bedroom apartment; 300-500 RMB/month for utilities.

    Western meal: 90 RMB

    30-RMB lunch average

    50-80 RMB bar import beer

    10 RMB for Chinese beer at 7-Eleven

    Teach in Shenzhen?

    If you prefer city life and having access to everything, you may like teaching in Shenzhen. While it's hard to save money if you live like a Westerner, earnings are high, so with little organization and dedication, you can save a lot.