Teaching Salary in China 2022

China is admitting more foreign professors than ever before because of the country's rapid globalization. In the world's fourth-largest nation, China, there is a wide variety of teaching positions available at all levels.

If you work as a teacher in China, your compensation will depend on where you live, the kind of school you work for, and your level of expertise. This pay guide will help you get a better understanding of what you can anticipate to make and how much you may earn with this company.

Salary for teachers in China, broken down by kind of institution

The location in which you choose to work as a teacher in China, as well as the sort of institution you choose to teach at, all influence your take-home pay.

International school teachers

International schools often pay between RMB 12,000 and 30,000 (about £1,350 and £3,300) per month as the highest starting point for salary negotiations. There's a lot of rivalry for these positions because of the high salary and long hours you'd be expected to work.

The job of a private school teacher

Teaching at a private school in China might earn you between £700 and £1,700 per month. Benefits are often better than those offered by foreign institutions, despite the fact that tuition is cheaper. Teachers may look forward to longer vacations, reduced workweeks (approximately 16-25 hours per week), and free meals from certain schools.

University professorships

China's universities normally pay its employees between RMB 7,000 and 10,000 (£800 and $1,100) per month, although the additional benefits of working at a university are more significant. Educators will have fewer days off, less paid vacations, and fewer expenses for travel and lodging.

In-home tutoring

It's a great way to supplement your income, with an average hourly salary of RMB 140 (£16). High school students and professionals alike have access to a wealth of options here. Those who teach English in China as a second language might find more work in private tutoring than in any other topic.

Salary for a Chinese teacher of English

Depending on your level of expertise, the sort of school you teach at, and whether you're in a metropolis or a rural region, the typical wage for English teachers in China varies greatly. However, TEFL instructors in rural regions with public education may anticipate a monthly wage of 7,000 RMB (£780), while those in cities teaching privately can expect a pay almost three times that at 18,000 RMB (£2,000) per month. With greater experience and longer hours required, a lesser compensation should be evaluated in light of the amount of free time you need while teaching English in the nation....

Do my credentials have any bearing on the amount of money I can expect to make teaching English in China?

There are several factors that go into calculating the compensation of a teacher in China, including their academic credentials. For English instructors, this includes whether or not you have a degree and are a native speaker, as well as whether or not you are TEFL-certified (for English teachers). At the very least, one must have a bachelor's degree in order to be considered for the most coveted positions. A thorough understanding of the regulations for teaching in China is essential before submitting an application.

If you lack experience, there are still chances to succeed. In order to prove that you have taught English to non-native speakers in a classroom setting, you need to provide proof of your TEFL certification.

However, with so many teaching positions available in China as long as one has a basic command of the language one may swiftly rise through the ranks.

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