The Best Job Sites for Teaching English in China

China's need for English language teachers is growing. There are more chances to get work as an English teacher in China than in any other Asian nation. As the economy has flourished and the demand for English-language education has grown, so have wages.

These days, teaching in China is a great way to save a lot of cash. The cost of living is still cheap, and earnings have increased significantly, making it a desirable place to live. And if you sign on for a year or longer, most companies will cover your airline costs.

With so many positive aspects, it's no surprise that China is one of the most sought-after locations in Asia for ESL instructors. In the country, an ESL instructor may make a fair living wage and support a comfortable family.

Here are some reviews of the top job boards where you can find positions to teach English in China. You should find it less difficult to look for work.


HiredChina is a live platform for expats that includes not only information and shopping but also services and, of course, job prospects. is comprised of several different divisions, and is only one of them. Expats looking to establish new jobs in China may seek assistance from Over 200,000 expats now living in China are fans of the HiredChina WeChat account. These expats follow the account because they value the sense of ease and entertainment it provides.

eChina Cities

The eChina Cities website is recognized as a top destination for foreigners seeking employment in China. There are a number of different categories available, and you may choose one of them when you go to their webpage. They include a question-and-answer section, listings for various types of accommodation, city guides, and articles that discuss life in China. The whole of the information is geared specifically toward international residents currently residing in the country.

If you go to the area labeled "jobs," you will be able to see the most recent listings for open positions. The sponsored jobs are highlighted in yellow and located at the top of the page. If you scroll down further, you will be able to look through the teaching positions that are still available. You may also tailor your search to a certain province in order to see all of the jobs that are available in that particular location.

You may search particularly for part-time or full-time opportunities on the site, which is yet another useful search tool offered by the platform. There are also listings for various kinds of occupations, such as work on a freelance basis, possibilities for internships, and employment in fields other than teaching.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Without Dave's ESL Cafe, this collection of reviews would be without something important. The job board area of Dave's website continues to provide a wide variety of employment options to English language instructors who are interested in working in China. Many of the postings on the site have been posted by various types of recruiters. On the other hand, some of the job advertisements are placed directly by the institutions that are hiring. Work opportunities are available in a variety of big language academies and international schools, including English First, Shane English School, and Wall Street, among others.

Visit the website if you want more information about ESL Cafe; alternatively, you can read our other evaluations to learn more about getting employment in South Korea and Japan.

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