The Requirement to Teach in China

As soon as you begin thinking about teaching English in China, you should be informed of the prerequisites for doing so. There are several factors to consider when hiring a new teacher; they include characteristics like education, experience, and age. In addition, you may learn more in the following paragraphs.

Rather, it is becoming more fashionable in China to study English. With a population of over a billion people, China has a significant market for English education. Because of the Covid-19, online English training has become very popular and in high demand throughout China.

So, what are the criteria for teaching English in China, exactly?

1. A bachelor's degree.

As far as teaching in China goes, you've heard that a bachelor's degree is required. For teaching English in China, a bachelor's degree is one of the most essential requirements.

A bachelor's degree is one of the prerequisites for acquiring a Z visa, which is needed to work as a teacher in China lawfully. To be eligible to teach in China, candidates must have a degree from a Chinese institution.

Certification as a teacher

To teach in China, one must have a teaching certificate. Due to the fact that instructors will get several teaching experiences over the course of their education. Additionally, obtaining a teaching credential from an approved firm or institution, such as TEFL UK, is essential.

Please see below for a list of teaching certifications:

Taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a common certification for instructors. A 120-hour certificate is what most Chinese schools are seeking for. It is preferable for ESL instructors to get the TEFL degree since it allows non-native speakers the ability to teach English all over the globe.

The second most popular credential is TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. On the tests, TEFL and TESOL certifications are just slightly different. Teaching English in places where English is not the native language is possible with the TESOL credential.

Over 130 countries recognize TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language certifications. It may also demonstrate your proficiency in the English language.

National Background Checks That Are 100% Accurate

If you're seeking for English teaching employment in China, you'll have to submit a background check. Why is it so crucial? When it comes to working with children, businesses want to be sure their employees are trustworthy and dependable.

In-Depth Examination

Teaching English in China necessitates passing a medical exam. As a condition of being granted a Z visa, you must undergo a medical examination. Within 30 days after arriving in China, you will be obliged to undergo a medical examination at a state hospital. However, getting such a comprehensive medical examination in a foreign country might save you time and money in certain cases. Keep in mind, however, that each institution has its own set of prerequisites.

These teaching credentials are well-known, but the specifics, such as the number of hours required for certification and the manner in which you must undergo a medical examination, may differ. Beijing and Shanghai, two of the world's most populous cities, both need TEFL certifications based on a classroom, or a combination of classroom and online training. As for the length of the TEFL certificate, some organizations demand it to be 120 hours, while others just require it to be 100 hours long. Determine precisely what qualifications the organization you're interested in employing demands before applying.

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