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    What is Shanghai known for?

    Shanghai is not only one of the most populous cities in China, but also one of the most populous cities in the world. All around you are futuristic towers; the city is quite contemporary. But if you take a random side street, you'll come upon a quaint market selling traditional Chinese medicine in all its vibrant colors. Shanghai's contrast is what makes the city so interesting, and it's what draws millions of visitors each year.

    To learn more about the city of Shanghai and its many attractions, please continue reading.


    One of Shanghai's most well-known draws is its shopping. Actually, many tourists come to the city with the express purpose of spending as much money as they can.

    Shanghai's retail districts provide a one-of-a-kind adventure, and you can find just about everything there.

    Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is great for name-brand shopping and is among the greatest in the city.

    To shop for high-end items, go to Huaihai Road.

    The Tianzifang shopping district is known for its specialized stores.

    Massive shopping center including dozens of name-brand retailers from all over the world.

    Although, when it comes to small stores, Xintiandi is where I love to spend time, even if it's just window shopping. The restaurants here are some of the best in the city, and the neighborhood as a whole is quite chic.

    Mixing of cultures

    Shanghai has been a destination for visitors and new residents from all over the globe for well over a thousand years.

    All the way from Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein to Barack Obama have been guests throughout the years.

    Shanghai's culture is distinctive because of the many different cultures that have influenced it. If you're looking for Western-style conveniences and comforts, this city in China surpasses all others.

    Shanghai has such a distinct culture that it is recognized as the Shanghai Regional Culture. Western culture has had an impact on this hybrid of classical Chinese with elements of the Yue and Wu dynasties.

    Even for those who have never been to China before, this makes Shanghai a very pleasant destination.

    One of the most well-known areas of the city with a very European flavor is the French Concession, which I will discuss in more detail below. All the major foreign and Chinese financial institutions are scattered along the Bund.

    The streets are lined with eateries serving cuisine from all over the globe, including those from India, Korea, and the Middle East. And if you're a gourmet, you'll appreciate the thrill of this unexpected union.

    If you had told me there was so much variety in Shanghai's dining options, I never would have believed you. I tried Mongolian food (which I had never heard of before), Middle Eastern food (which I had never heard of before), and Mexican food (which I had never heard of before).

    Although it may seem unusual, I fell in love with Mexican cuisine while living in Shanghai.

    Assembled on the Bund

    The Bund is without a doubt the city's most well-known landmark.

    This section of land along the western bank of the Huangpu River boasts some of the city's most breathtaking panoramas.

    Colonial structures from the early 20th century can be found on the Bund side of the river, while the modern Pudong side is home to the city's financial district and its soaring skyscrapers.

    The beautiful skyline is best appreciated at night, when the lights come on.

    The Bund is also a popular tourist destination because of the abundance of restaurants and shops that line its streets.

    One can also explore the interiors of the buildings to better appreciate the colonial design.