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    Best jobs in shanghai

    Shanghai is the largest city in China, and a great place to live. It is also a city of diversity and opportunity. I have been living in Shanghai for over 20 years. I can tell you that the best jobs in Shanghai are the ones you can find yourself.

    Culturally diverse cities like Shanghai which is home to over 23 million people, are a great place to work because you can find yourself in an environment that is new and exciting, and you can learn a lot about other cultures, people, and ways of living.

    Why look for job opportunities work in Shanghai?

    Whether you are looking for a part-time or Full-time job, the opportunities in Shanghai are endless. There are great opportunities in the financial, legal, and medical sectors. As well as in entertainment, education, and many more.

    Jobs offered range from teaching to marketingShanghai is a city that is very culturally diverse. If you are looking for a job in Shanghai you are in for a treat. There is a strong sense of community and culture in the city, which is reflected in the jobs available. There are a wide range of job opportunities, from working as a barista to working in an international law firm.

    How to Find Jobs Opportunities for foreigners in Shanghai

    The honest truth is the job opportunities in Shanghai for foreigners are a little limited. As a foreigner you are more likely to find a job in the financial, legal, and medical sectors in Shanghai. The best way to find a job in Shanghai for foreigners is to start your own company.

    Here are some easy steps to take when looking for a job in Shanghai.

    Recruitment agencies or intra-company transfers help to place people in their jobs.These agencies typically make sure that everything, from housing to transportation to help with visa application and passport issuance, is arranged for you as soon as you arrive in Shanghai.

    With so much choice available, it can be hard to find the right job for you. You can use websites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, China Internship Placements and Oriental Career to help you find the right job.

    Word of mouth and referrals from your own trusted network of people may also be helpful in your efforts.

    There are various ways in which you can acquire a residence or work permit in China

    Best job opportunities for foreigners in Shanghai

    Jobs that are popular among expats can be found throughout the world. Below are some examples of these popular jobs.


    This is probably one of the most popular jobs for people who are looking for work while they are in China. The demand for teachers is high, especially in Shanghai where it is one of the most popular options.

    As a result, job vacancies in teaching in Shanghai can be found for positions in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and universities.

    Trading or Shipping

    This is also another popular sector among foreigners, who are looking for work while they are in China. There are many opportunities in the shipping sector. For example, you can be involved in the transportation of goods, the distribution of goods, the handling of cargo, the provision of logistics services, and the operation of a shipping line.

    Information Technology

    Technology in Shanghai is considered among one of the top sectors to work in. This is because the city is home to a large number of multinational companies that are very involved in the technology sector.

    Writing, editorial work or media work

    Being a foreigner in Shanghai creates a different perspective of employment. You are more likely to have your own company and the decision making process is a little different. It is difficult to find a job in Shanghai unless you are a Chinese citizen.