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技术改变世界! STTUN是国内一家创新型的游戏技术开发和运营服务供应商,专注于帮助游戏行业进化为工业化生产,赋能游戏行业的创意输出效率。公司由五位国内游戏顶级行业技术、发行、商务、投资合伙人共同成立,通过为客户提高游戏非创意部分的生产效率,进而释放创意的爆发力。公司目前为国内外游戏厂商及发行商提供的专业服务包括游戏技术开发、游戏海外发行运营及本地化等。同时,作为游戏化解决方案提供者,STTUN还致力于运用游戏思维和游戏机制来帮助教育、出版等各类传统行业解决在互联网化过程中面临的各类技术难题。STTUN已与国内多家顶级游戏厂商及顶级教育机构建立了长期、稳定的合作伙伴关系 STTUN is an innovative domestic game technology development and operation service provider, focusing on helping the game industry evolve into industrialized production and empowering the game industry's creative output efficiency. The company was co-founded by five top domestic game industry technology, publishing, business and investment partners, through improving the production efficiency of the non-creative part of the game for customers, and then unleashing the explosive power of creativity. The company currently provides professional services to domestic and foreign game manufacturers and publishers, including game technology development, game overseas distribution operation and localization. Meanwhile, as a gamification solution provider, STTUN is also committed to applying game thinking and game mechanism to help education, publishing and other traditional industries to solve the technical problems they face in the process of Internetization, and STTUN has established long-term and stable partnerships with many domestic top game manufacturers and top educational institutions.

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