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School Introduction It is a combination of primary, junior, and senior schools, with an International Department. The students range in age from 7-18 years old. Jinling High School Hexi Campus is a new type of state-owned private-run school, established through the cooperation of Jinling High School and The Construction Headquarters of Hexi New City in Nanjing in September, 2003. It covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with the construction area of 110,000 square meters. It boasts the existing school students of more than 5,000 as well as 500 teaching staff. Taking "to lay foundation for the life" as its school motto and "responsible for students not only now but also the future "as its principle, our school adheres to the spirit of "life-originated, life-oriented", and strives to cultivate modern citizens with "reasonable basis, comprehensive quality and distinctive personality". We take efforts to promote curriculum reform, and actively explore school-based national curriculum, moral education activity courses, as well as primary and secondary schools of a new model for innovation in education, implementation of the "student-based education" and the "teacher project" to build an effective classroom. Fourteen years since its establishment, we have won praise from society in general with a good ethos and excellent teaching quality. For three consecutive years, our entrance examination results for high schools and colleges are among the forefront of similar schools, with a scholar of art in college entrance exam and another in high school entrance exam in Nanjing. Outstanding achievements in innovation education have won us with "the fourth installment of popular science education base" privileged by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department, Education Department and Jiangsu Province Science Association. The "solar car" made by students has won the first prize in the outcome show of the research study in Nanjing middle school students. Vice Minister of Education Department Chen Xiaoya said in her research visit to our school: "The creative labs will be able to inspire students to love science and foster the students’ hands-on capabilities." The ceramic art works by students of our school have been selected to the teaching materials of Zhejiang Province. The school also offers painting, literature, theaters, model aircraft, robots and other extra-curricular societies, actively carrying out research study, with students being the national and provincial winners of various competitions. When visiting our school, Singapore's Education Minister said, "Jinling High School Hexi Campus and the best secondary schools in Singapore share the equal level of school philosophy, condition and teaching standards, etc." Li Yuanchao, who was then secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, came to supervise the work of the school, saying that "Hexi model is a good example." Luo Zhijun, who is the Governor of Jiangsu Province, praised our school as" not only Nanjing education brand, but also Nanjing city brand”.

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