Shenzhen Duidui Technology Co., Ltd.
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Team Introduction Our founder: Eight years + Two times in Tencent,,In addition to qzone, QQ Music and other platform products, guide the team to create two apps of over ten million level from scratch. 【 Company Introduction 】 Shenzhen DuiDui Technology was founded in July 2015 and obtained angel round and preA round financing in about half a year. In November 2016, round A and ROUND A+ financing was completed; In June 2018, the B round of financing was completed, with tens of millions of DOLLARS, and received investment from many well-known financing institutions such as Beijing Qingliu Capital, Shenzhen Qingsong Fund, and Shanghai Chenwei Investment Center. So far, The company has launched several voice + social products, two of which have reached 10 million users. It has been recommended by all major app markets and ranked in the Top ten of Appstore. [Team member] Tencent department technology bull, Tencent department after 90 operation team, Tencent department product manager...... Most of the team members are post-80s and post-90s. [Company culture] The company organizes group building activities irregularly, leads tear resistance, organizes travel activities irregularly, hikes, home parties, singing K, all kinds of dinner, and all kinds of festival surprises, is a vibrant, youthful company. [Company Welfare] 1. Annual bonus of 1-6 months 2. An annual salary adjustment with an increase ranging from 10% to 50% 3. All staff should pay first medical insurance and 10% provident fund 4, Overtime allowance ~ rich afternoon tea ~ 5, Wedding gift, birth gift ~ birthday exclusive gift package ~ 6. Twice a year, we have been to Japan, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore…… More benefits unlock waiting for you to come up ~

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