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BEIJING JINRONG INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONG & TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD is a high quality, high standard, modern and ecological high-end international private school with K12 system. The school is located in Zhushan District, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, which is known as the "capital of porcelain". It will officially open in the autumn of 2020. Jinrong adheres to the educational concept of "integration of China and the west, people-oriented, and cultivation of students' ability to be happy". In collaboration with St. Monica's school, one of the UK's top middle schools, Jinrong adopts international courses and has a world sentiment. It is committed to integrating the essence of China, the UK and the international three educational traditions, opening up a brand-new, adaptable to the global cultural environment, and smoothly connecting with foreign universities Track of academic development. Jinrong education advocates a positive, diligent, pragmatic, simple and efficient working atmosphere; the school provides each educator with a high-end, systematic and professional vocational training system, and sets up a dual channel of professional development combining with management to promote the rapid development of personal career. Jinrong education is committed to providing employees with favorable treatment and broad development space. It sincerely recruits colleagues who love education with the heart of embracing all rivers, and jointly creates a bright future. 北京锦荣外国语学校是一所K12体系的高品质、高规格的现代化、生态化的高端国际化民办学校。学校位于素有“瓷都”之称的江西省景德镇市珠山区,将于2020年秋季正式开学。 锦荣坚持“中西融合,以人为本,培养学生拥有幸福能力”的教育理念,与英国顶尖中学圣莫妮卡学校联手,采用国际课程,拥有世界情怀,致力于融合中国、英国和国际三种教育传统之精粹,为中国学子开辟一条全新的、适应全球文化环境的、与国外大学顺畅接轨的学业发展之路。 锦荣教育倡导积极向上、勤奋务实、简单高效的工作氛围;学校为每一位教育工作者提供高端、系统、专业化的职业培训体系,设置专业与管理相结合的职业发展双通道,助推个人事业快速发展。锦荣教育致力于给员工优厚的待遇和广阔的发展空间,以海纳百川的胸怀诚招热爱教育事业的同仁,共同开创美好未来。

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