Changshu Longteng Special Steel Co., Ltd.
ManufacturingSuzhou, Overseas
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Longteng Special Steel was established in1993,which covers an area of over 2 million square meters with staff of more than4000 people. We have high level of elite team and high standard product quality management system, now it has formed three main series products including: shipbuilding steel series for shipbuilding industry ,steel balls series for bearing industry and mining, industry steel bars series(PC steel bars) which is high strength pre-stressed concrete for construction industry, the annual output exceeds2.5 million tons. The market share of three leading products rank the first in the same industry, and be the winner of three “singles champion”·, we have become the largest production base of shipbuilding steel, bearing & grinding billet balls and pre-stressed concrete steel bar. Longteng Special Steel has always taken to meet and exceed customer needs as the strategy of marketing, to establish marketing channel, expansion and networked as the fulcrum, and taken the leading quality assurance as the foundation with enthusiasm and meticulous, safe and efficient service for effective communication. ln order to establish the dominant position of Longteng's products in the market, and dedicate to reach the state of co-existence and common prosperity with customers. Hundreds of boats compete, wise man pilots; many boats compete to start, brave man tries first. Longteng Special Steel continues to grow in the steel industry to promote the reputation, to burst out the inexhaustible vitality, and develops together with the world.

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