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Introduction to English: Research Institute of Membrane Seperation Technology of Shaanxi Province Affiliated to Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, it is a well-known comprehensive research and development institution in the membrane separation technology industry in western China. Xi'an Jinzang Film Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017 with a registered capital of 104.78 million yuan and a paid-up ratio of 100%. It is a high-tech new energy and new material manufacturing company fully controlled by Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., mainly using brine to extract lithium carbonate and supplemented by ore extraction of lithium carbonate. Up to now, the company has incubated a total of 7 companies, including Cold Lake Jinzang Film New Materials Co., Ltd., Qinghai Zhongli Technology Co., Ltd., Qinghai Jingyuan Zang Jinyanhu Co., Ltd., Xi'an Jinzang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jinzang Lithium Industry Co., Ltd., etc. The company is currently promoting IPO preparations, and sincerely invites people of insight to join and develop with the company. We will provide you with a platform for personal growth and value realization and a competitive salary system and incentive mechanism. 中文简介: 陕西省膜分离技术研究院(Research Institute of Membrane Seperation Technology of Shaanxi Province )隶属于西安建筑科技大学,是我国西部地区膜分离技术行业知名的综合性研究和开发机构。 西安金藏膜环保科技有限公司成立于2017年7月,注册资本金10478万元,实缴比例100%。由陕西省膜分离技术研究院有限公司完全控股,以卤水提取碳酸锂为主、以矿石提取碳酸锂为辅的高科技新能源、新材料制造公司。 截止目前,企业共孵化7家公司,包括冷湖金藏膜新材料有限公司、青海中锂科技有限公司、青海精源藏金盐湖有限公司、西安金藏能源科技有限责任公司、陕西金藏锂业有限公司等。 公司目前正在推进IPO上市准备,诚邀有识之士加入,与公司一起发展。我们将为您提供个人成长与价值实现的平台和有竞争力的薪酬体系与激励机制。

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