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G-bits Network Technology Xiamen Co., Ltd., commonly known as G-bits, is a pioneering company engaged in online game planning, development, and operation. G-bits proudly made its debut on the Main Board Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2017, operating under the stock code 603444. Since its foundation in 2004, G-bits has been committed to delivering 'original, high-quality, and wholesome' online games. Its sustained investment in in-house game development has yielded exceptional capability. We constantly push the boundaries of game design and innovation and continually enhance our R&D middle platform. Leiting Games, a subsidiary of G-bits, has carved out a niche in online game marketing and operation. By focusing on a 'quality-centric' approach and prioritizing product quality and customer service, Leiting Games has gained a considerable reputation and popularity. 吉比特是一家专业从事网络游戏创意策划、研发制作及商业化运营的公司,2017年1月在上海证券交易所主板上市,证券简称为吉比特,证券代码为603444。公司以提供“原创、精品、绿色”网络游戏为宗旨,自2004年成立以来深耕游戏市场,持续投入自主研发业务,拥有出色的自主研发能力,坚持游戏设计及应用创新、技术创新,持续加强研发中台建设。“雷霆游戏”作为吉比特旗下运营品牌,专注于网络游戏的推广和运营,坚持“精品化”路线,重视产品品质及玩家服务,运营的多款游戏获得良好的口碑与较高的人气。 吉比特,认真等待乐于创造美好的你。 https://www.linkedin.com/company/厦门吉比特网络技术股份有限公司/about/

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