Nanjing Daocheng Network Technology Co.Limited
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南京道成网络科技有限公司成立于2015年。公司专注于移动互联网软件领域,在Android、iOS等平台具有卓越的创新能力和丰富的产品经验。 公司业务主要面向全球市场,从事手机软件的研发和运营,现有产品主要集中在移动互联网的私人数据保护和休闲游戏等领域。 Nanjing Daocheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company focuses on the field of mobile internet software, and has excellent innovation ability and rich product experience in Android, iOS and other platforms. The company's business is mainly oriented to the global market, engaged in the research and development and operation of mobile software, and its existing products are mainly concentrated in the fields of private data protection of mobile internet and leisure games.

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