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Ray Education Group
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Job Responsibilities

1.Collaborate closely with subject teachers and research teams to collect and update necessary teaching materials, and proactively provide teachers with various resource to support teaching work. 2.Conduct library English reading courses. 3.Coordinate and organize various campus activities, including book exhibitions, lectures, etc. 4. Participate in school activities or projects related to library. 5. Support branding team with social media related to library activities. 6. Regularly maintain the design of posters, display boards, or other materials and promote the latest reading concepts, as well as enable readers and teachers to receive book information from multiple perspectives.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree or above 2. English major or relevant subject majors preferred 3. Minimum 2 years’ verifiable subject teaching experience and teaching credentials preferred 4.Good team player and solid communication skills 5. Cross-cultural awareness 6. Native speakers preferred

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Other education positions


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