Animation Technical Director
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Job Responsibilities

What you will do: - Create tools, scripts and shades that enhance production workflow and the art pipeline. - Work collaboratively with the artists and engineers, understand the requirements and needs of the efficient workflows for production, and stay within the engine budgets. - Work closely with the Art Director for the matching visual style of the game. - Animate and create Motion Editing within a complex animation system. - Provide knowledge and solutions for complex rigging, animation and shading pipeline problems. - Define technical needs; carry out the design & artistic creative visions by validating the game features, challenging the interpretation and assessing the technical feasibilities. - Acquire the best internal and external tools. Work with the programmers and project Technical Directors to enhance and facilitate the work by prototyping technological elements, adjusting existing tools, requesting new tools, validating the effectiveness of the tools provided with before they are deployed on the project. - Standardize the best work methods and data structure (data and assets), ensure the validity and integrity of the data (meet standards and minimize debugging) by drafting pipeline documents, setting out common classification system, trainings, coaching and supervising processes users. - Remain informed of new technical and technological developments and able to apply them on the project when needed. - Able to balance the compromise between quality objectives and delivery constraints (time, costs, resources, etc.). - Contribute to the selection of external tools (engine, plug-in, E-confluence, etc.), assess the existing tools, helping design and test new tools.

Job Requirements

What you should be equipped with: - Proven relevant working experience in video game animation. - Motion Builder working experience; Working knowledge of 3DSMAX, Maya, and/or other commercial 3D authoring packages; Extensive scripting knowledge with Python, Mel and/or Max script. - Able to work with the complex animation systems and state machines; Able to keep contents and assets within the current projects art style and work within those limitations. - A keen eye for motion and animation, capability for stress and changes. - Solid personal portfolio, good artistic sense in animation. Self-motivated. - Team player, user focused. Good communication skills, functional English proficiency. - Experienced in the entire game production circle, a problem solver.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Game Level Design


5~10 years

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