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Overseas Business Unit Specialist
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Job Responsibilities

① Mainly responsible for the research and development of different versions of Chinese language textbooks in various countries, mainly involving countries such as Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Cyprus, etc; ② Responsible for the construction of Sinology centers in various countries, including drafting various documents, coordinating with domestic and foreign countries, team building, and organizing teaching and research activities; ③ Learn and create promotional videos in different languages, and use overseas platforms for project promotion and publicity; ④ Responsible for producing courses related to Chinese culture

Job Requirements

① Proficient in one or more foreign languages, with a bachelor's degree or above, and priority given to those with relevant international study experience; ② Understand new media communication technology, be able to carry out content construction on overseas related network platforms, etc; ③ Understand the laws, policies, customs and habits of overseas countries, and be able to communicate independently; ④ Able to use Chinese and meet daily communication needs

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


Unlimited experience

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