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Senior Technical Director
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthGuangzhou
NetEase Games
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Job Responsibilities

About Position Positioning: Senior Technical Director About Work Location: Guangzhou, China Job Description · Work with game designers, artists, programmers, and QA to design and improve game development tools, and boost production efficiency. · With an understanding of the Art team and Design team workflow, diagnose the challenges in game development and provide solutions and implement the solutions · Serve as a technical point of contact for standards and best practices, assist in pipeline development and process improvement. · Explore new areas and opportunities, communicate with relevant stakeholders to optimize the production process, and be responsible for implementation. · Responsible for relevant documentation and providing guidance and training to dev teams.

Job Requirements

· Over 5-year Experience in game design, development, or testing. · Be familiar with all kinds of tools used in developing games. · Have professional AAA game development experience and pipeline management experience. · Be familiar with dev kit design to improve reusability and efficiency. · Be willing and proactive in guiding Design Related Work · Be good at internal communication, teamwork, and knowledge-sharing. · Experience in scripting and programming languages (Python, C#, Lua, C++, etc.). Plus: · Experience in using multiple game engine (Unreal/Unity, Unreal perferred), game editors and other development tools. · Experience in using art tools such as Max and Maya. About the Project: Our project is an Oriental open-world adventure game, and we hope to bring players an incredible exploration experience through careful game design, with a strong focus on PVE.It is currently in the early stage of development and uses the UE engine. We need you Our team adheres to the philosophy of love for games, and we believe that true love for games is the source of project and individual excellence. Our talent team is growing and we are currently looking for a technical designer. If you are passionate about improving design processes and workflows, are committed to learning, have a collaborative attitude, and always ask "how can we do better", then this is a great position for you. We are looking forward to your joining us and working together to create moving and unforgettable works.

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Senior/Game Design


5~10 years

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