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Mechanical Engineer 机械工程师
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthThailand - 泰国
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for providing proactive inspection services on the usage of customer on-site equipment; 2. Responsible for on-site equipment maintenance for customers and collecting feedback on issues; 3. Responsible for the training of customer maintenance personnel and equipment acceptance work; 4. Responsible for maintaining customer relationships; 5. Responsible for training outsourced installation and debugging personnel。

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with tire structure technology and tire production technology; 2. Understand advanced after-sales service management concepts and tools; 3. Familiar with the debugging and maintenance of tire machinery equipment; 4. Familiar with equipment structure, assembly, and maintenance; 5. Having a certain foundation in fitters; 6. Accept long-term domestic business trips and global business trips。 1. Travel frequency: Starting from January for a single project, stay at the customer's site for 8 months or more per year; 2. Business trip scope: In 2024, the main focus will be on the entire country of Thai, and global business trips can be conducted in 2025 and beyond (based on employee preferences and business needs); 3. Nationality requirements: Thai Chinese, Thai, and other nationalities that can apply for an Thai work visa are also acceptable; 4. Bonus points: Proficient in Chinese, with experience in studying and living in China.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Thai

Job Details

Position type

Mechanical design and manufacturing


1~3 years

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