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Elex Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Undertake the creative planning and production, promotion, and publishing advertising of the company's projects in US&EU; 2. Refine the USP of the gameplay, and conceive the creative direction that dedicates to the branding and UA Ads; 3. Actively follow up on the performance of UA ads data, and be responsible for the quality of creative materials, CTR, CVR, video pass rate, and other indicators; 4. Conduct a review analysis and content attribution of the advertising performance, and continuously optimize UA ads from the aspects of creativity, selling point, visual effects, etc.; 5. Participate in European and American game market user research, and formulate user portraits.

Job Requirements

1. At least 3 years experience in game market planning or creative planning, bachelor's degree or above; 2, has its own methodology in advertising creative, over-fancy mind, active thinking; 3. Strong communication skills, sense of responsibility, able to respond to work requirements in a timely manner; 4. has rich experience in different gameplay, and has a deep understanding of the game as well as enjoys/spreads the fun of the game; 5. has strong market sensitivity and understands European and American users' preferences. Noted: The candidate from the EU/US who has done game advertising creativity can deliver fresh/mind-blowing creative ideas in terms of the preferences of European and American people would be preferred. Chinese is required.

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User aquisition


3~5 years

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