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University EAP lecturer, Spring 2023. Harbin
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthHarbin
Australia Education Management Group
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Job Responsibilities

Deliver English for Academic Purposes programs to Chinese university students who may transfer to overseas universities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Carry out administrative functions in a timely and accurate manner, including but not restricted to recording attendance, providing written feedback on student assessment. Address individual student needs and concerns both inside and outside the classroom. Actively participate in and encourage professional development activities with local teachers at AEMG Branches in China. Attend weekly AEMG Branch meetings Help create a team environment and contribute to the delivery of quality English language courses. Workload: 38 hours weekly, which includes 20-21 hours of face-to-face teaching , 17-18 hours office hours

Job Requirements

Master’s degree or above CELTA, TEFL or TESOL preferred Minimum of one-year EAP teaching experience at a recognised provider. Online teaching experience preferred

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

English teacher


1~3 years

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