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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the product quality management of the Vietnam factory, strictly supervise the implementation of various quality standards, ensure the improvement of product quality, and create a quality culture of continuous quality improvement; insist on assisting and guiding students Based on the quality management concept based on independence, actively participate in product design and improve control process errors, reduce Loss, reduce production costs; 2. Responsible for organizing QC group activities in Vietnam factories: 3. Responsible for the identification of product quality problems between processes in Vietnam factories; quality management 4. Responsible for product supervision and random inspection of Vietnam factories, report the results of the random inspection, analyze the unqualified cooperation with the production department in the random inspection, propose rectification requirements, and implement follow-up verification of the rectification measures: 5. Responsible for the basic test, regular comparison test, process improvement verification test, reliability test, supervision and spot check test of the new product development of the Vietnam factory: 6. Responsible for the on-site inspection and quality assessment of each process in the Vietnam factory production site and various positions Whether the staff's work arrangement, supervision and assessment are actually implemented; 7. Responsible for the on-site first article inspection of each process in the production site of the Vietnam factory; 8. Responsible for the review of new products/improvement of Vietnam factory.

Job Requirements

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above Majors in production and quality management: 2. Familiar with product structure, quality/process standard requirements: 3. Have the knowledge of the relevant coordination organization of the quality management module manager 4. Chinese can be used as the working language, and English can be used as the working language; 5.More than five years of management experience in large-scale home furnishing and home appliance manufacturing enterprises, with a large team (more than 20-30 people) in management work experience 6. Proficiency in using various quality management analysis tools: 7. Good organization, coordination and communication skills; 8. Have practical experience in implementing ISO9001, and be able to compile and plan management systems and processes.

Required Languages

Vietnamese, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Manufacturing Manager


5~10 years

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