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high-level overseas professionals
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Shanxi Bethune Hospital
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Job Responsibilities

Gathering talents from all over the world to create a great cause Shanxi Bethune Hospital invites overseas high-level talents to join us Shanxi Bethune Hospital (Shanxi Academy of Medical Sciences) is located at NO. 99 Longcheng Street, Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, covering an area of 322,000 m² with a construction area of 295,000 m². The hospital has the largest outpatient area in North China, with more than 10,000 outpatients treated on a daily basis and 3,000 beds in total. There are 4 academician workstations, 1 postdoctoral research workstation, 55 clinical and medical technical departments, including 1 provincial "136" leading clinical specialties of medical project, 6 provincial clinical key specialties, 12 provincial key disciplines. The hospital focuses on the construction of scientific research platforms. The scientific research building project which is under construction covers an area of 120,000 m². It is scheduled to be completed and put into use in 2023. The hospital holds more than 10 well-known scientific research platforms in the province, including the Shanxi Nano Biomedical Engineering Research Centre, Shanxi Research Centre for Intelligent and Precise Detection of Medical Apparatus, and Shanxi Key Laboratory Endocrinology and Metabolism Research, etc. It has 25 research institutions integrating scientific research, teaching, medical treatment and postgraduate training, including the Medical Laboratory Centre, Institute of Medical Apparatus Clinical Trials, and Institute of Drug Clinical Trials. Meanwhile, the Centre is equipped with a wide range of technologically advanced instruments and equipment. The well-resourced clinical disciplines and first-class scientific research platform provide a strong guarantee for high-level talents to develop in the hospital. Now, in order to accelerate the pace of construction of the regional medical centre and promote the construction of the hospital's discipline team, we sincerely invite overseas high-level talents to join us and seek common development. According to the academic level of the included talents in the professional field, as well as their contribution to future development of hospital disciplines, scientific research and teaching, etc., the Party Committee of the hospital will make a comprehensive study and judgment and provide the corresponding treatment. 1. Settling-in allowance: 1-3 million CNY. 2. funding for scientific research: 1-2 million CNY. 3. Annual salary: 0.5-1 million CNY. 4. Provide positions of researchers. 5. Provide dedicated research staff to build the team. 6. The hospital would assist in apply for various types of talent subsidies in Shanxi Province, and assist in matters such as Hukou, children's education and spouse's work. For the talents who have been identified as particularly outstanding in the industry, and have significant research and development achievements, the method of "one person, one policy" and "one matter, one discussion" will be adopted to negotiate.

Job Requirements

Ⅰ. Recruitment Requirements 1. A doctor's degree and under the age of 50. 2. At least 3 years of overseas working experience. 3. Strong development potential and outstanding scientific research achievements in the field of their specialties.(Medical Field Specialties) 4. A full-time job and have a working agreement with the hospital.

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Clinical research


3~5 years

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