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Air Conditioning Installation/Interior Decorate Expertise
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Job Responsibilities

Paid Referral for Air Conditioning Installation/Interior Decorate Expertise from 14 countries/regions. Thailand/South Korea/Taiwan/India/Bangladesh/Pakistan/Australia/New Zealand/Mexico/Colombia/Brazil/Ecuador/Philippines/Indonesia (a total of 14 countries/regions) We are offering a referral fee (Negotiable) for each successful recommendation. Below are the details of the job arrangement: [Expert Recruitment - Online Video Interviews] Interview Dates: Specific date can be negotiated Interview Duration: Up to 1 hour per session Interview Fields: Air Conditioning Installation/Interior Decoration Compensation: For interviews conducted in English: $60-80 USD per hour For interviews conducted in local languages: $40-60 USD per hour

Job Requirements

Recruitment Requirements: Air Conditioning Installation Experts: Extensive experience in air conditioning installation with a good understanding of different brands. Ability to clearly articulate the installation challenges for each type of air conditioning unit and understand user preferences. Interior Decoration Experts: Vast experience in the interior decoration industry with deep understanding of decoration processes and customer requirements. Ability to identify and explain the challenges in the decoration industry. Familiarity with local housing conditions, housing types, living cultures, and habits. Knowledge of local residential changes and trends, as well as basic trends in installing air conditioning units in houses.

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Other technical positions


1~3 years

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