GDPR Manager
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities 1. Responsible for tracking privacy compliance trends in the industry and conducting research on privacy compliance legislation domestically and internationally; 2. Assist in establishing privacy and data protection management system, conduct privacy compliance risk assessments and review related normative systems, and provide analysis and suggestions for improvement; 3. Assist subsidiaries in clarifying compliance risks and make proposals for compliance when subsidiaries are established; 4. Independently responsible for all compliance matters involved in the company's operations, including but not limited to drafting relevant documents 5. Ensure that the business performance of subsidiaries complies with the requirements of domestic and foreign regulatory authorities;

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1. Law degree, bachelor's degree or higher,Holding a local bar license 2. Familair with Sort out the list of privacy data involved. 3. A comprehensive understanding of the relevant privacy data processing activities. 4. Rich professional experience in data privacy compliance in large enterprises and experience in data privacy compliance consulting is a plus; 5. Priority will be given to applicants with official work experience in the EU 6. English can be used as a working language. If you are interested in this position, please contact Olay: Email: WhatsApp: +86 199 2537 0749 WeChat: 199 2537 0749

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