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Business Translation Manager (Based in Ningbo)
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

1, Responsible for the translation of the company's external materials and documents to ensure the accuracy of grammar and expression; 2, Responsible for collecting and sorting out foreign industry information about massagers and beauty instruments, so that the business can work better; 3, Responsible for the approval and modification of external (sent to customers) emails by the business team to ensure correct grammar; 4, Responsible for participating in customer project meetings, if the business expression is inaccurate, properly explain and translate; 5, Responsible for understanding the laws and regulations and infringements of the foreign massager and beauty instrument industry, and giving appropriate business opinions and suggestions; 6, Responsible for the reception and escort of customers' visits, translation and company introduction; 7, Assist the business to deal with customer complaints and improve customer service; Feel free to reach out if you are interested: Email: steve.wu@hiredchina.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/steve-wu-93b287244 WhatsApp: +8618681484644 WeChat: hiredchina13

Job Requirements

1, Bachelor’s degree or above; 2, Native English speaker; 3, It is preferred to have relevant business experience in the market or foreign trade industry, English teacher/translator can also be considered; 4, Strong ability to resist pressure, high sense of responsibility, clear logical thinking ability, etc.; 5, High stability; Be based in Ningbo; 6, Knowing Chinese is a plus but not an requirement;

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Business manager


1~3 years

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