Overseas Collection Supervisor
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Job Responsibilities

1. Set up workplace, recruit and set up overseas collection team; 2. Organize collection training and assist the company to complete relevant training tasks; 3. Formulate group management system and reward and punishment measures. Assess the members of the collection team; 4. Formulate monthly, weekly and daily collection plans and objectives; Timely allocate individual target values of employees; 5. Be responsible for completing the established assessment objectives every month, tracking the achievement of various assessment indicators of electric reminder and foreign visit, and supervising the performance of the assessment department; 6. Be responsible for connection, arrangement, assessment, settlement and other matters related to collection outsourcing 7. Be responsible for managing the attendance, work arrangement and daily routine work of overseas employees

Job Requirements

1. Proficient in oral Chinese, oral English and writing; 2. Have more than 3 years of collection management experience, and have managed at least 20 collection teams; 3. Be able to plan and lead the formulation of collection objectives and collection performance; 4. Can travel for a long time; 5.Nigerian

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Other financial positions


1~3 years

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