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Vietnam Sales Manager
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthVietnam - Ho Chi Minh City
CIMC World Lianda Container Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1、Based on market and company development needs, conduct research on the company's new business areas, promote the company's new storage yards and supporting services; 2、Maintain relationships with existing customers and explore new customer resources; (such as shipping companies, container rental companies, NVOCC, etc.); 3、Understand market information (competitor situation, etc.) and complete the reports required by the company; 4、Daily email replies, handling customer inquiries, complaints, and related needs, and implementing improvement work; 5、Responsible for negotiating contract rates and other related matters, as well as providing bidding quotes for yard clients; 6、Manage customer contracts and related documents for the yard; 7、Accompany clients to visit and supervise the improvement of the storage yard; 8、On a weekly and monthly basis, report and research the business situation of the yard customers, docks, etc., and achieve the company's monthly and annual budget goals. If there is a monthly budget deviation in the business, timely negotiate and adjust with relevant customers.

Job Requirements

1、More than 2 years of sales and marketing experience in the logistics industry, with industry resources (second-hand container sales, material sales) preferred; 2、Good mental outlook, outgoing and positive personality, strong learning ability.

Required Languages

Vietnamese, English

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


3~5 years

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