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Shaping Process Expert
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Job Responsibilities

▪ Process Design ▪ Process development ▪ Install the Shaping equipment ▪ Adjust the Shaping process to be stable ▪ Product and quality development ▪ Personnel management and process operation management ▪ Assist customers in sample production and process development

Job Requirements

· Major : Science and engineering related majors · Educational background : over Bachelor · Work experience [Over 15 Years for 300mm Silicon wafer] -. Have the ability of shaping process management (Wire saw, Lapping, DDSG, Etching, DFG, Edge Grinding, Cleaning and so on) -.Familiar with all kinds of process equipment -.Have ability to adjust the process to be stable -.Experience in personnel management and department operation management experience

Required Languages

English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Other production positions


More than 10 years

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