Front Manager
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Haxnbauer German restaurant and Bar
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Job Responsibilities

Customer satisfaction 1. Pay attention to guest feedback and provide high-quality service for guests 2. Be responsible for making the overall service level of the team meet or exceed customer expectations Operation 1.Responsible for all activities and daily operations of the restaurant 2.Assist the restaurant manager and Deputy restaurant manager to formulate marketing strategic plan and activity promotion plan to achieve marketing objectives 3.Participate in budget formulation, know the financial situation and sales activity report, and be responsible for cost control 4.Assist the restaurant manager to predict the necessary staffing plan, prepare the staff roster and be responsible for the allocation of work 5.Strictly ensure that the restaurant reservation system is effective 6.Be highly sensitive to catering trends and be able to put forward improvement suggestions in restaurant operation 7.Strengthen the implementation of "job responsibilities and standards" in restaurants and bars 8.Manage the cashier system and administrative affairs 9.Pay attention to expenses and ensure that all expenses are controlled within the budget. Implement effective cost control Food hygiene and safety standards 1.Ensure that all products of the restaurant meet the specified food hygiene standards 2.Actively maintain the cleanliness of jobs and good operation of facilities and equipment in accordance with Restaurant / company policies other 3. Finish other assigned tasks

Job Requirements

1. Cheerful personality, good appearance, good temperament, strong dedication and sense of responsibility. 2. Fluent in foreign language communication, Chinese is better. 3. At least 1-year working experience in catering. 4. Have the ability to communicate, coordinate, manage, and organize, be familiar with basic catering service skills, and have strong teamwork ability.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Front Office Manager/Hotel Manager


1~3 years

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