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Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthHefei, Shanghai
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Job Responsibilities

岗位职责: Strong creative thinking, passionate about develop concepts & visuals. Ability to work on multi-tasks, solve problems efficiently, and meet tight deadlines, good team-player.2Demonstrated high level expertise using computer design applications including Adobe Creative Suite3. 2+ vears of experience in visual desian role Proficient English conversational skills (able to discuss & explain work).5

Job Requirements

1、Built Wayfinding system, apply signage in headquarter, factories, branches and R&D centers.2Apply brand asets to chamels in lignment ith brand quidelmes and loba standards of excelence. Ensure that work is alvays consistent with brand values tone and mesaging3,Work closely with media team to understand the media landscape to maximum campaign performanc design branding relevant materas and c-work with other department,4Working with and overseeing external agencies to ensure delivery of high guality, brand level execution.

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Position type

Graphic/Visual Design


Unlimited experience

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