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Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities are: 1. Seriously carry out accounting and supervision, ensure timely accounting processing, accurate use of accounting subjects, and truthful and complete accounting information; 2. Enter accounting vouchers, responsible for summarizing accounting vouchers, registering account books, printing and outputting accounting vouchers and account books; 3. Accurately and timely prepare unit accounting statements; 4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Finance and Accounting Department。 工作职责是: 1、认真做好会计核算和监督,保证会计账务处理及时、会计科目运用准确,会计核算信息真实完整; 2、录入记账凭证,负责会计凭证汇总、账簿登记,打印输出记账凭证和账簿; 3、正确、及时编制单位会计报表; 4、完成计财处领导交办的其他工作

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above in finance, accounting, and auditing related majors; 2. Having the professional skills required for engaging in accounting work and adhering to professional ethics; 3. Familiar with national financial laws, regulations, rules and regulations, as well as policies and guidelines; 4. Proficient in basic computer operations, able to use office software such as Excel and Word; 5. Serious and down-to-earth, with a strong sense of responsibility. 6. Have good Chinese and Vietnamese language skills. 1、财务、会计、审计类相关专业专科及以上学历; 2、具备从事会计工作所需要的专业能力,遵守职业道德; 3、熟悉国家的财经法律、法规、规章制度和方针、政策; 4、熟练基本的电脑操作、Excel、word能运用的办公软件; 5、认真踏实,责任心强。 6、具备良好的中文、越南语能力。

Required Languages

Vietnamese, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Accountant/Finance Professional


3~5 years

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