German voice recorder
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Job Responsibilities

You need to have a conversation with your partner via skype or smartphone and record it with our app and conference room. This is a conversation or conversation recording item. Work from home on a self-directed schedule. Participants will be required to record in a group setting for approximately 2 hours. 1 group of 2 people. Topics of conversation may vary by travel, education, workplace, environment, health, etc. The collected data will only be used for the purpose of this machine learning task. Estimated workload and rates offered: This task will require 2 hours of work per group. Each set costs $70. Requirements: Since this is a non-verbal task, no specific background or experience is required. The main condition is that the resource must currently be in Germany. We are looking for up to 100 participants. Different genders should be represented, and participants should be age-distributed across age groups (18-29, 30-45, 46+).

Job Requirements

One group of work: 1.120min recording on app 2.120min recording via conference room (It’s a phone number when u enter it will start recording automatically) 3.Authorization for both (Both recorders need to sign the authorization) 4.Information (we will send u the information form) 5.At least you need 2 devices to do face 2 face conversations or 4 devices to do online conversations.

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