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Sales Account Manager
Full-timeNegotiableWork remotely in western European countries and regions
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop sales work plans for the European market based on departmental sales plans and sales strategies. 2. Develop new customers in the European market, promote new products, and maintain customer relationships. 3. Assist the marketing department in conducting overseas exhibition activities and provide support for marketing events. 4. Propose work improvement plans promptly based on the completion of sales plans to enhance business proficiency and work efficiency. 5. Maintain customer relationships related to the managed region's business, coordinate internal handling of customer complaint incidents. 6. Assist the marketing department in conducting industry information, competitor, and product research and analysis. 7. Participate in concept stage reviews during product development, provide opinions and suggestions, and make sales commitments for new product development. 8. Assist team members in cross-departmental affairs, internal communication, and temporary tasks assigned by superiors.

Job Requirements

1, Have a good command of office software such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Project, etc. 2. Fluent in spoken and written English, proficient in either Italian, German, or French. 3. Background in STEM, understanding of the basic working principles and core components of coffee machines. 4. Over 8 years of sales experience, with at least 5 years of experience in the coffee machine industry, familiar with coffee consumption habits in different European countries. 5. Previous sales experience at automatic/self-service coffee machine companies are preferred. 6. Possesses strong professional ethics and integrity, excellent skills in expression, communication, organization, and coordination. 7. Demonstrates a collaborative team spirit, project management experience is a plus.

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Job Details

Position type

Business manager


5~10 years

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