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electrical engineer
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthMexico - 墨西哥签证
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: 1. New product electrical design and development, technical improvement of historical products; 2. Production electrical process technology document production; 3. Other related on-site support work.

Job Requirements

(Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and foreign nationals are preferred) Skill requirements: 1. Electrical automation, mechatronics integration and other related majors; 2. College degree or above, with at least 3 years of experience in designing and programming large-scale non-standard automation equipment, and complete project implementation experience; 3. Strong logical thinking ability, proficient in the programming of Omron, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other PLCs, and the programming of Weilun, Mitsubishi, Keyence touch screens; 4. Proficient in the working principles and usage methods of pneumatic components and servo systems; 5. Able to independently complete the entire circuit electrical design, component selection, electrical assembly drawings, manual writing and production of non-standard equipment. 6. Familiar with electrical equipment power supply and distribution, proficient in drawing electrical control system drawings and writing instructions; 7. Proficient in using robots from brands such as Mitsubishi, Yamaha, EPSON, and Zhongweixing; 8. Experience in visual system design is preferred; 9. Proactive in work, strong sense of responsibility, and able to adapt to business trips are preferred;

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Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


3~5 years

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