Expert on Overseas Regulations and Certification
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BYD Auto Industry Company Limited
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: 工作职责: 1 识别海外智能座舱、智能驾驶系统和组件的法规、政策要求; Identify overseas* laws, regulations and policies on smart cockpit, ADAS and relative modules. 2 跟踪相关海外法规的更新并维护法规清单; Keep track of updated relative overseas laws and regulations, and update list of regulations. 3 进行海外智能座舱和智能驾驶产品的相关法规解读工作,支持产品开发和认证; Analyze overseas regulations on products of smart cockpit & ADAS to support product developments and certifications. 4 负责海外智能座舱产品认证的风险识别及风险应对; Identify risks related to certifications on products of smart cockpit and ADAS and respond with the risks. 5 对海外指定国家和地区进行法规和认证的需求评估; Evaluate regulation requirements on products certifications of certain countries and regions. 6 对相关部门人员进行产品法规认证培训; Provide training lessons on products certifications for personnel of relevant departments. 7 与海外立法、认证、监管部门、第三方测试机构等建立并保持好沟通渠道,以服务法规和产品认证工作; Build and keep friendly relationships with overseas legislation, certification institutions, supervision departments and third-party testing agencies, to support work on regulations and certifications. 8 协助总部开展实施海外认证工作。 Assist personnel at the headquarters to carry out overseas certifications.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 任职要求: 1. 熟悉海外智能座舱和智能驾驶辅助的法规; Familiar with overseas laws and regulations on smart cockpit and ADAS 2. 8 年及以上海外车辆类产品法规解读或认证经验,有车企背景者优先; Have been working on vehicle related products certifications and regulations analysis for at least 8 years. Candidates who have ever worked in auto industry are preferred. 3. 熟悉国际认证机构、认证体系及认证申请流程; Familiar with international certification institutes, certification system and certification application processes. 4. 良好的英语听说读写能力; Good mastery in English, such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. 4. 本科及以上教育程度:汽车、机械、电子等专业优先; Bachelor’s degree or above. Candidates with majoring in vehicle engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics are preferred. 5. 有信息安全、功能安全、自动驾驶、智能座舱等相关工作经验者优先; Candidates with working experiences on information security, functional safety, ADAS and smart cockpit are preferred. 6. 熟悉 EMC、无线电法规以及测试工作经验者优先; Candidates who are familiar with EMC and radio regulations and tests are preferred. 7. 较强的沟通协调能力,执行力强,能独立思考和解决问题。 We prefer candidates with good communication and coordination skills, strong execution, and independent thinking and problem solving ability

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

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Other technical positions


5~10 years

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