Firmware Engineer-Bangalore/ Delhi, India
Full-timeNegotiableBangalore/ Delhi, India
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Job Responsibilities

1. Provide technical support for the pre-sales department according to the company's existing business 2. Project debugging and implementation based in India 3. Solving project after-sales problem processing 4. Customer customized function development 5. Provide software solutions for customer needs and output customer needs 6. Future overseas project on-site debugging and implementation

Job Requirements

1. Major in software development 2. Personnel in related industries such as logistics and warehousing are preferred 3. Can accept project travel 4. Flexible thinking, strong communication and expression skills, and problem-solving skills 5. Proficient in using c#, Visual Studio and other development tools; 6. Proficient in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL database; 7. Ability to develop front-end Angular 8. Outstanding fresh graduates Contact: Please submit your CV to Email: WeChat: hiredchina7

Required Languages

English, Hindi

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


Unlimited experience

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