Interactive Story Editor (full-time)
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Job Responsibilities

You would lead a team of contract writers to deliver high-quality content for our interactive story game that targets young female audience. This position involves leading brainstorms, outlining, reviewing outlines to ensure cohesiveness of storytelling, hands-on writing, extensive editorial work, game testing, and collaboration. You'll also work with an art producer to ensure the vision and quality of the final product, and give feedback to artists. You will provide: • Creative feedback on how to improve the story, including notes on pacing, character-work, and voice; • Punch-up notes to make the dialogue sparkle, add humor, and enhance drama; • Game-centric feedback, like how to make choices more compelling; • Rigorous detail-focused copyediting, such as catching typos, inconsistencies, etc; • This is a full-time, on-site position with benefits that requires at least 40 hours per week. An ideal candidate would be someone who loves narrative games and has emerged themselves in genres like ROMANCE, PARANORMAL, HORROR, FANTASY, etc.

Job Requirements

1.Strong creative writing skills • At least one professional writing credit. This can be a published book, a purchased screenplay, work on a released video game, etc. • Ability to utilize stories and testimonies to create inspiring communications and create emotional connections with potential and existing audiences. • Ability to meet deadlines and stay organized in a fast-paced environment. • Write clear, engaging copy for different needs - long form, short form, tag lines, campaigns, e-newsletters, brand and style guidelines, etc. Bring strong conceptual ideas to life in a clear and concise manner. 2. Good gameplay skills and the ability to identify design and content issues; 3. Comprehensive historical and current knowledge of the game industry for both the home and arcade markets; 4. Copywriting/copyediting experience highly desirable; 5. Passion for working in a gaming industry and past experience would be an asset; 6. Experience working creatively and collaboratively with a team; 7. Ability to multi-task and work well under pressure; 8. English speaking at a native level. Materials requested: • A current resume, highlighting writing or editing work and educational experience. • A previous writing sample (short story, script, or game writing). We prefer fictional prose samples of writing that showcase friendship and romance for young adult audience. If you have more than one applicable sample, you can send more than one.

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