Financial and Administration Specialist
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthThailand - Samut Prakan Province
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for accounting record. 2. Reorganize the various accounting documents and analysis report. 3. Responsible for applying the payment and record in the system. 4. Responsible for expenses management including applying the payment and record in the system, remind audit to declare individual income tax 5. Responsible for maintain the accounts receivable table 6. Responsible for preparing the management report 7. Responsible for providing all current month information including contract, expenses vouchers & supporting or others to accountant at the end of current month & follow up with the accountant to complete the accounting record before required deadline 8. Responsible for filing all sales contracts and invoices with customers and group companies in YPMT server 9. Responsible for implement office 5S management, all files should be properly kept with identification. 10. Responsible for the fixed assets management, keep record for fixed assets, check company fixed assets every quarter and release a report. 11. Responsible for assist Spare Part Management, Check the stocked spare part quantity together with sales supporter every quarter and release an inventor report 12. Responsible for the office supplies and spare parts purchase from Yizumi China or other supplier, fill in all process documents in SAP. 13. Responsible for HR management, including recruitment, onboarding,administrative training and other related job. 14. Responsible for Cloud management, check the file in Cloud every quarter, urge all parties to file documents rightly and delete the wrong/expired/temporary documents 15. Responsible for translation assigned by Yizumi China. 16. Responsible for monthly make job report to Yizumi China. 17. Responsible for the customer list record and monthly report to headquarter in China. 18. Other tasks temporarily assigned by the superior.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, more than two years of work experience in the same industry/same position. 2. Familiar with the basics of accounting, proficient in computer operation, sap system is preferred. 3.Native Thai speaker, with proficiency in reading, writing and listening in English and Chinese.

Required Languages

English, Thai

Job Details

Position type

Accountant/Finance Professional


1~3 years

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