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Foreign Nursery Teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthNanjing
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Job Responsibilities

It's for Top international schools in Nanjing, 15-20k/month -Vacancy: 2 -Student: 0-4 years old 14 kids / class with Ayi and bilingual teaching assistants -Schedule: Monday to Friday,8am-5pm -Holidays: 2 weeks fully paid summer holiday 2 weeks fully paid winter holiday 1 week fully paid Christmas holiday -Salary: 15-20k/month -Start before June. -Job Description 1. Conscientiously do regular work every day, according to the needs of children and parents, take the initiative to do childcare and service work. 2. Responsible for the cleaning of the buildings, equipment and environment classes; Do a good job of cleaning and disinfection of articles, utensils, equipment, etc., and clean the dry area. 3. Manage children's daily necessities, manage children's lunch, nap, drinking water, washing and cleaning work. 4. Ensure the safety of children's lives and prevent all accidents. 5. Do a good job of disinfection. 6. Do a good job in life nursing, disease prevention, observation and rearing of frail children. 7. According to the seasonal characteristics, do summer heat cooling, winter cold warm. 8. Do regular work every day, every week, every month and every semester as required. Teamwork 1.Pastoral care of staff 2.Collaboration with colleagues positively 3.Collaboration with ELL and Learning Support colleagues 4.Collaboration in curriculum development as necessary 5.Collective responsibility for school policy implementation

Job Requirements

- English native speaker or TEFL/TESOL certified - Bachelor’s Degree or higher (with a focus in Language or Early Childhood Education preferred) - 2+ years related teaching experience preferred - Genuinely passionate about teaching, Patient and Collaborative within a team setting - Have all the documents for teaching visa

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Other education positions


1~3 years

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