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Vice Principal (Middle School )
Beijing Royal School
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Job Responsibilities

1. School Leadership • Collaborates with the principal and other PO leaders to ensure the smooth operation of the entire school program. • Set up systems for collaboration among all staff members involved in implementing the program. • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the program and maintain an inventory of resources available to teachers. • Plan regular meetings with and between all teachers to review and co-create curriculum documentation and policies (language policy, assessment policy, admission policy, etc.) on an on-going basis. • Assists in the promotion of positive school climate and staff morale through recognition programs and honoring those who excel. • Participates in interviews for new potential teacher hires. • Participates in school marketing and admission activities. • Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the principal. 2.Pedagogical Support and Teacher Development • Work to ensure clear articulation of the curriculum and ensure all IB and Chinese National Standards are being met within each grade and each department. • Provide input to the department leadership team on teaching assignments for all staff that meets the needs of students, the IB standards and Chinese National Standards, keep information synchronized with the principal in a timely manner. • Lead the continual review and improvement of curriculum documents, including setting curricular goals and outlines, developing MYP units, and coordinating and standardizing assessment strategies. • Promote understanding and use of all MYP documents and it's updated practices and recommendations received from IBO. • Assist with the training and development of all teachers on staff by developing and delivering PD to teachers. • Provides support for all faculty and staff in the school, including oversight of all professional development activities, identifying of personal growth areas/goals for teachers and the fostering of a positive teaching community. • Cooperates with the principal on the supervision and evaluation of classroom instruction. • Analyzes and uses evaluations and data to determines ways to improve instruction and student goals. • Coordinates regular faculty-wide community building activities. 3. Departmental Assistance • Assists the English Department’s leadership team in the development and oversight of all English language acquisition courses and programs. • Provides support for various other subject departments in the school as needed. • Supports Teaching Affairs Office by assisting in master schedule development. • Supports Student Affairs Office in implementing discipline procedures as stated in the Student Handbook and in developing innovative strategies, preventative approaches, and proactive plans for students who exhibit at-risk behaviors.

Job Requirements

5 years management exprience, more than 3years MYP teaching experience. Master Degree or above.

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Education management/Principal


More than 10 years

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