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Portfolio Tutor
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthYingkou
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Job Responsibilities

Details: 1. Responsible for guiding students' portfolio creation, including but not limited to creative thinking training, design ability and creative expression techniques 2. Improve and develop students' learning plans and curriculum plans, and actively assist teaching management 3. Actively cooperate with the teaching and implementation of various types of course products and cooperation projects, actively participate in instructor training, and assist the company's cross-departmental collaboration 4. Regularly feedback students' situation with teaching and research tutors and local supervisors; Cooperate with the teaching and research team to compile various types of course outline, assist the development and optimization of new course products

Job Requirements

Requirement: 1、Bachelor's degree or above in Art, or have the same qualification (need to send portfolio) 2、Good design expression, solid art and design knowledge, love education 3、Related teaching experience is preferred

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Subject Teacher


Unlimited experience

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