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Project manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthChina & Overseas
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Job Responsibilities

Overall control over the project from the beginning of taking over the project to the acceptance period, to achieve the whole project control from the front end to the back end, to ensure the delivery and technical targets are achieved, and to be responsible for the final acceptance of the project, specifically as follows: 1. Review the technical agreement, control the risk points in the technical agreement that affect the project implementation or acceptance, and promote the company's internal solutions, research and development, and customers to jointly revise the technical agreement; 2. Coordinated and managed the internal manufacturing delivery process of the project to achieve delivery on schedule; 3. Coordinated and managed the on-site installation, commissioning and implementation of the project, including but not limited to on-site investigation, approach organization, start-up meeting, on-site implementation, overall management of on-site suppliers, regular project meetings, promotion and treatment of abnormal problems and other work related to the project implementation in terms of personnel, machinery, materials, law and environment; 4. Realize project acceptance.

Job Requirements

1. Can accept global travel 2. Study or work background in electronic engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, vehicle engineering, or other related major 3. Bachelor degree or above, master degree is preferred 4, domestic English level 4 or above, can daily English communication is preferred 5. Good communication skills, solid writing skills and oral communication skills 6, have a strong drive, a high degree of professionalism and responsibility 7. Interested in management, with senior management as the goal of professional development 8. Good professional quality, honesty and self-discipline, diligence and responsibility 9. Good academic performance or outstanding ability in a certain field is preferred

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other technical positions


1~3 years

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