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Get paid to talk! If you’re a German (Germany) native speaker, sign up now for our Speech Collection project! Main requirements: 1. You’re a native speaker of German (Germany), with age between 17-65 years old. Both male and female are welcome) 2. Must have PC/Mobile phone with good quality headphones or working microphone for the recording 3. You have access to a quiet room/environment to do recording work. 4. Stable internet connection Project Information: 1. You need to use oneforma system to do the recording work, if you don't have an oneforma account ,please kindly register a new account. Please refer to the attached file to see how to register a new account . Please send your oneforma account username to me ,so we could add you to the project and you could start the work. You could fill your oneforma username to the attached file meta data collection. 2. If you could support our project, please kindly provide the below information to me. You could fill the information in the attached file meta data collection,and send back to me by email. 1) which age group you are in ? ( 17-30 / 31-45/46-65) 2) Which city were you born in Germany. 3) What's your gender? 3. VM Team will send you a released form later, and your need to sign for it, all the speech collection work need to sign such document , and it will only take you 1 minute. Your voice is only used for testing AI model and it is only used for this project. 4. Please help to finish 12 minutes recording work which might take you about 40 minutes . The recording work includes - Reading Prompts (about 120 scripts). In this portion, you need to read a couple of specific prompts that are shown on the screen at a regular pace. You should pronounce words as you normally do. - Free Speech (1~2 min). In this portion, we will provide some topics to you, and you need to talk about the topic just as normal while at home with friends or family. Please also write down your freetalk scripts to the attached file meta data collection.  Application download & How to work: 1. How to find our project: Please use your mobile phone, and download LoopTalk APP on Android/IOS Market , log in with your oneforma ID. 2. When you log in the app, you will find task assigned. Our project is totally 13 minutes which contain 12 minutes script recording and 1 minutes free talk.  For script recording , please recording total 120 scripts. You can choose any domain of your task and please read correctly of the giving script. There is no counter, please count by yourself, and do not over scripts(We will only pay for 1 hour rate).  For free talk , please use this task: And please make sure to follow below rules: Please kindly give a 1-2 minutes free talk for the following topic ( pet/ your family/ your hobby/ your favorite food/ your best trip. And write down your FreeTalk scripts(content) in the attached file. Noted: 1) the audio length for this free talk should be more than 1 minute ,but less than 2 minutes. 2) Please do not use foreign words. 3)Please make sure all the content(words) you mentioned are well-known by native. 3. If you don't want to record by mobile phone, you can also use the computer recording method. The details are as follows: Link here: For the task name -Freetalk, please record a 1-2 minutes freetalk recording audio. For the other tasks, please totally record about 120 audios among these tasks, you could only choose one task ,for example, Finance, and record about 120 audios, you could also record some audios in Finance, some audios in Daily life, some audios in local news. 4. Recording requirement:  Find a quiet room with no echo to record  Plug in the microphone of your mobile phone  Don't speak directly into the microphone, put 20cm away from the microphone and keep the distance. 5. Recording suggestions for better recording:  Wrap the earphone in toilet paper.( Don't wrap it too tightly.)  Read the sentence like you would naturally speak. Make sure all words are pronounced clearly, not too fast not too slow. Read sentance one or two times before recording.

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