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Overseas Technical Support Scientist
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthSuzhou
Saiye (Suzhou) Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Technical Support: Provide professional technical consultation and problem-solving solutions to overseas clients, focusing on in vivo tumor pharmacodynamics or cell editing and in vitro pharmacodynamics testing. Communication and Coordination: Possess fluent English speaking skills to effectively communicate with overseas clients directly, while maintaining close cooperation with domestic production and R&D teams to ensure accurate information transfer and smooth project progress. Serve as a technical bridge between domestic and international teams, coordinating resources to promote efficient project execution and timely resolution of technical issues. Continuous Learning: Continuously learn and master the latest scientific research and technological advancements to enhance service quality and maintain the company's competitiveness in the industry. Team Empowerment: Work closely with team members to share knowledge, improving the overall technical capabilities and service level of the team.

Job Requirements

Master's degree or above in molecular biology, genetics, immunology, cell biology, basic medicine, or related fields. Overseas study experience is preferred. Practical work experience in in vivo tumor pharmacodynamics assays or cell editing and in vitro pharmacodynamics testing. Ability to use English as a working language for oral/written communication, with fluency in English. Capable of independently solving technical problems and possessing good project management skills. Excellent cross-cultural communication, coordination, and management abilities. Exceptional insight, learning ability, and associative thinking. Attention to detail, with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Strong stress tolerance. Willing and able to adapt to flexible working hours to meet the needs of international clients.

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Job Details

Position type

Pharmaceutical R&D/Drug Production


1~3 years

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