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Country Manager (Chile) , (speak mandarin)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthChile - Chile
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for channel development, dealer development, management and control in the local country; 2. Be responsible for making sales plans, tracking and reviewing weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually, and achieving sales goals; 3. Responsible for STI resource investment and dealer sales process control; 4. Formulate SO marketing plan for terminal stores and supervise dealers to implement it; 5. Be responsible for the management, performance appraisal, training and cultivation of the local sales team; 6. Responsible for business cooperation negotiation and sales data analysis; 7. Be responsible for controlling dealer prices and market orders; 8. Responsible for local market insight and competitive product analysis.

Job Requirements

*A priority familar with in the Consumer Electronics industry 1. Experience and successful cases of a brand expansion in the local country; 2. Be familiar with the overall sales experience of SI, STI and SO products; 3. Have experience in channel&customer management and terminal store management; 4. Have business negotiation ability, and be proficient in Chinese and English in listening, speaking, reading and writing; 5. Have experience in overseas office and more than 5 years of experience in foreign markets. If you're interested in this position, Please free contact me via jc.zhu@hiredchina.com or WeChat:jczhu-

Required Languages

English, Spanish, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


3~5 years

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